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Accepting an Offer

“The higher the price, the better the offer.” Don’t let yourself be fooled by this popular misconception. Price is not always the determining factor when accepting an offer. There are a number of terms and conditions that may influence your decision. You can trust our professionals to help you thoroughly evaluate every proposal to help you make the right choice.

Once you have selected an offer and your agent has completed the paperwork to create a binding contract, here are some important tips to keep in mind to streamline the process:

  • Keep written records of everything. Your Portland’s Choice Realty real estate agent will ensure that all verbal agreements are written into the contract, including counter-offers and addendums, and will provide you with written copies.
  • Stick to the schedule. Now that you have chosen your offer, you and the buyer will be given a timeline to mark every stage in the process. Meeting the requirements on time ensures a smoother transaction. During the process your Portland’s Choice Realty real estate agent will keep you constantly updated so you will always be prepared for the next step.