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Robert & Gina / Wiscasset

My wife, Gina and I contacted David Ford in early spring 2018 because we were investigating the possibility of retiring in Maine in the next several years. I was raised in New Hampshire and southern Maine and the idea of “coming home” was exciting. Living in Texas made this adventure a bit problematic. In any event, we contacted David on the internet and spent a fair amount of time explaining what we had in mind. In our case, it was an older home (Federal style or a farm house).We were able to visit Maine in March due common vacations and planned to visit some properties at that time.
David, Gina, and I and search the real estate listings on the web and phoned each other on a regular basis. He would scout out a property to see if it meet our requirements, of course saving us time and money. During our March vacation, we traveled to Maine and viewed several properties that seemed to be right for us. Unhurried to make a sale, he took time with us. As we got to know each other, the right house was getting closer. Our first trip to view properties was unsuccessful, not due to David, but because we had a definite house in mind.
Within a week of returning to Texas, David called a said he found a property we ought to take a look at. We reviewed the listing, saw the photos and it was within our price range. Back to Maine the next weekend. On the way to meet David, Gina turned to me a said, “Robert we just passed a house for sale. Let’s look at it.” We did. I called David and told him of the property. Within a few minutes, he contacted the broker and made it possible for us to see the property within two hours.
The property is located at 11 Summer Street in Wiscasset, Maine. It was ideal for us; a farm house, with original pine floors, original features (1890), and a view of Sheepscots Bay. After trudging from the basement to the attic, carefully inspecting the house, Gina and I concluded this was to be our retirement home. I made the offer and David began the next process in our real estate adventure. Again, we were living in Texas, so emails and phone calls moved the process. David never missed a beat. Because of his extensive knowledge of the area, mortgage companies, banks, etc. we were able to close on time and enjoy new home.
Gina and I are truly delighted with our new home and David Ford as a friend in Maine.